my modem dsl line is blinking i cant connect to internet

If you have a BSNL broadband connection and you have noticed that dsl keeps on blinking and never holds or it keeps blinking and hold for very short duration of time, this might help you

I faced this problem for almost a month now and even after several complaints to BSNL office, there was no respite.
Try these following steps and it might work for you
1)  Ask your lineman to check your line for errors, if your line has no errors then proceed to step 2
2) take out the cable from the splitter and insert it directly into your modem, means, the line that goes into splitter at one end is your telephone line, there are two lines at other end of your splitter, one named ADSland the other named Line . After you plug in the direct line into your modem ( ie you remove the splitter from your connection) check if DSl holds.
In my case, the internet connection works fine after I plugged in the direct line into my modem and removed splitter from the connection.
The lineman that came to my house told me that there was some earthing problem in the splitter and it needs to be replaced.
If doing that also doesn’t helps you then ask your lineman to check your line again an again till you get exhausted or file a complaint with The GM of that area.

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